Established 1982


Updated 8 February 2018

JILIN, China - Witnessed Fall

On 8 March 1976 a fireball was observed by the residents of Hsinglung and several explosions were heard. The meteor fragmented and fell in the district of Kirin, Kirin Province, China, and some 4 toms of material were recovered. The meteorite was subsequently classified as an H5 chondrite. Even though the TKW is extensive, this meteorite is not readily available to the collector.
3.9 grams, partial slice, SOLD

7.5 grams, partial slice, SOLD

JUANCHENG, China - Witnessed Fall  

This H5 chondrite caused a tremendous sensation in China when it fell on 15 February 1997 near the village of Heze in Juancheng County. Local Chinese peasants picked up several hundred fresh specimens along the Yangtze River shortly after the fall. Because so many stones were retained by the locals and given to government officials, the total weight of the fall can only be estimated. This is a very fresh and inexpensive witnessed fall.


Juancheng, 17.3 gms slice.jpg (32863 bytes)
17.3 grams, $51.90
Juancheng, 3.44 gms.jpg (32786 bytes)
3.44 grams, $10.50

Half stone, crust, 7.2 grams, $21.60

8.06 grams, partial stone, SOLD
Juancheng, 26.2 gms.jpg (199359 bytes)
26.2 grams, $66.50

10.8 grams, partial stone, $32.40