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Welcome to the web site of Earlene and John Schooler! Even though we are primarily a mineral dealer, we are a fossil dealer and a meteorite dealer as well. We have been providing thousands of collectors, museums, schools, and universities (both within and outside the USA) with above average quality specimens of minerals, fossils, and meteorites at reasonable prices, for more years than seems possible. While many people think of rocks and minerals as being the same thing, they are not.   Minerals have a solid crystalline structure with a specific chemical composition, whereas rocks are a mass of broken particles of minerals. We have mineral specimens for sale! Most everyone is familiar with calcite, tourmaline, and gold specimens. We carry these along with a wide variety of other minerals for sale. Over the years, tektites, fulgurites, and trinitite have been added to our basic "mineral store." 

In the fossils for sale section we typically have ammonites, trilobites, invertebrate fossils, vertebrate fossils, dinosaur fossils, and fossil plants listed. Our meteorites section has many worldwide locations ranging from small inexpensive examples to larger and rarer specimens.  

Being full-time professional dealers at Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Shows throughout much of the country, tens of  thousands of you already know us personally and are counted among our long list of satisfied customers. You, our valued show customers, have first-hand experience with the wide variety of material we offer, and are knowledgeable of our integrity, professionalism, and fair prices. As we proudly have printed on our business cards, we are "Your Single Source for Choice Mineral & Fossil Specimens, Meteorites & Tektites, and Trinitite."

For those of you who are not familiar with us, just click  About Us  for a brief introduction. Otherwise, you may proceed directly to the section of interest by clicking Minerals, Fossils, Meteorites, Tektites, Fulgurites, Trinitite, or the respective buttons above. 

In addition to the above, we have collected Italian glass (Murano and Venetian) for many years. We have now reached the ages where we want to pass alone these beautiful pieces of glass to someone else to enjoy. You can see a sample of the material available by going to the "Italian glass" section of our website.

Please be patient if we do not respond immediately to your inquires as we may be on the road. Be assured your business is both important to us and appreciated. We will reply to your email or other inquires as soon as possible after we return home. We want to be your mineral dealer, your fossil dealer, and your meteorite dealer for many years to come.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We do not share customer information with anyone.

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